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My whole life, I've loved making art; drawing, doodling, painting, paper folding, crafts, and creating prints. I did anything I could do to express myself creatively.

During my undergrad career, I became skilled at creating artwork using a computer (as well as tweaking my hand drawn work). After graduation, I got a job in a marketing department of a medium sized business, and I spent several years performing the (somewhat soul crushing) task of creating corporate art entirely to the standards of others.

After my 2nd daughter was born, I decided I was done with that; life is just too short. I started Sol & Luna, with the hope of being able to express myself creatively, save what's left of my spirit, and find a way to help my budding family.

I find wonder in the cosmos, the mythical, and surrealism. I enjoy using my hands to create; drawing is my favorite medium and digital collaging is my second! I hope you enjoy viewing my art. If you'd like to support me, checkout my shop or socials. I do some custom work as well, so if you'd like to work with me, click the contact button in the footer to get in touch :)


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