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Vesica Piscis Hand-drawn Design

The original drawing was made freehand with pencil and a fine-liner sharpie. This symbol had been popping up in my mind for a while and I was happy to get it out on paper.   I'll be adding some new stickers to the shop in the near future. I'm a big fan of black and white! I'm pretty monochromatic when it comes to art. Sometimes, I have to force myself to use a bit of color in my designs. I love how it turned out as a sticker!   We also have a holo version and now offer this design on shirts. It's one of my favorite designs I've created and I hope you guys like it, as well. Glad...

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The 5 Platonic Solids

First off, I am no expert! I’m just interested in sacred geometry. A lot of what you’ll see in these blog posts is info from other sources I’ve found on the subjects from around the web / books that we have in our personal library. If I site information from your website or use any of your images that you’d like removed, please contact me here. ___ The Greek philosopher Plato, who was born around 430 B.C., wrote about these five solids in a work called Timaeus. It is mostly agreed that the solids themselves were discovered by the early Pythagoreans by 450 B.C. There is evidence that the Egyptians knew about at least three of the solids; their work influenced...

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