The 5 Platonic Solids

First off, I am no expert! I’m just interested in sacred geometry. A lot of what you’ll see in these blog posts is info from other sources I’ve found on the subjects from around the web / books that we have in our personal library. If I site information from your website or use any of your images that you’d like removed, please contact me here.


The Greek philosopher Plato, who was born around 430 B.C., wrote about these five solids in a work called Timaeus. It is mostly agreed that the solids themselves were discovered by the early Pythagoreans by 450 B.C. There is evidence that the Egyptians knew about at least three of the solids; their work influenced the Pythagoreans. Plato mentioned these solids in writing, and it was he who identified the solids with the elements commonly believed to make up all matter in the universe. In Plato's times, people believed that all things were made up of five different atoms. They were fire, air, water, earth, with the fifth being the cosmos (the universe itself) or ether¹.

Fire Platonic Solid

Air Platonic Solid

Earth Platonic Solid

Water Platonic Solid

Ether Platonic Solid




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